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"PsychPrep" is a way to get the absolute most from your appointment with your psychiatrist or any other provider who is prescribing "psychotropic" medications for you such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers and a wide variety of other medications for emotional or psychological problems.

The role of a psychiatrist is an extremely broad one (Dr. Brent Coyle, the developer of "PsychPrep" and, knows this because he is a practicing psychiatrist himself). In essence, the psychiatrist must take into consideration all the medical aspects a primary physician would, plus consider all the psychological aspects of care and how his or her decisions will impact your emotional health growth. It is not surprising then, that time is of the essence in this interaction. It is also not surprising to find that many people do not feel like their psychiatrist takes enough time to understand them fully (despite the appointments often being significantly lengthier than a typical primary care appointment).

"PsychPrep" is a creative and innovative electronic solution for both you and the psychiatrist to get more out of your appointment experience and more of what is needed and wanted from it. In addition, it even offers an opportunity for family members and other concerned individuals to provide important observational and other collateral information to the psychiatrist.