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The "MyNeeds" (Concise) Assessment is recommended If you prefer to do a fairly quick overview of all potential emotional/ psychological needs and get going on your education or therapy as quickly as possible. It is an efficient way for you to effectively find out what psychoeducational needs you may have and how to prioritize your educational approach for maximum impact.

The intended use of the "MyNeeds" (Concise) is either for doing this assessment for yourself or for the situation in which the you are already established within a medical system and a psychlogical/emotional "consult" is needed. In each of these cases, much of the information needed by the medical "system" to take care of you is either not needed or already known (for example, a medication review is not a part of the "MyNeeds" (Concise) Assessment). You already know what medications you are taking and don't need to go to the trouble of capturing that information and/or your provider probably already knows what you are taking, etc.

For simplicity, this concise assessment is to help YOU pull the information together for YOUR NEEDS. The "MyNeeds" (Concise) is basically the same as the "MyNeeds" (Complete), but additional elements required by any system of care are included in the "MyNeeds" (Complete). If you feel the "MyNeeds" (Complete) is more of what you need, click here.

At its completion, you will be given the opportunity for printing this information in a format that will be organized like providers typically want. The hard copy can then be delivered to your healthcare provider in the most convenient method, via personal delivery, mail, fax or email as preferred. You will also be given a personalized recommended curriculum for emotional growth that you can begin immediately.

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